Come with me to surf destinations around the globe, meet up with local legends, and eat some great food along the way.
— Steve Gellas

The Surfing Chef <pilot episode>

Steve Gellas braves the surf and the kitchen to put together the pilot episode of The Surfing Chef.


What a putz!

“Steve’s charisma and blatant disregard for human decency makes him the perfect show host.”

~ Surfing buddy

Hey, Freedo!

“I’ve know Steve all his life. He’ll fall flat on his face <LOL>. In all seriousness, his face could stop a train.”

~ Jeff Friedman

Steve who?

“Just bring me the couscous I ordered and get back to you fancy video work”

~ Pat M. Patron


The Surfing Chef <Hawaii promo>

Steve Gellas rolls on the dynamic Hawaiin surf joined by international Red Bull surfer, Jamie O’Brien.


Finally! A TV show worth watching.

TV. Merchandise. Books. It’s all just getting started.